Friday, January 14, 2011

We're Back

We've been away from the blog for awhile but we are back now

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traders are Making Piles of Money on SLPO Today

Traders are Making Piles of Money on SLPO Today,
I Hope you Got Your Share!
Wow, what a day so far!
I can't see a better trade out there today than with the huge gains we've landed with SLPO!
The gains have been phenomenal, and it is by far the most traded OTC stock out there today.
This is exactly why I love being a trader.  Days like this make it all worthwhile.  
When I can get in early on a fast moving stock and watch it rocket higher, my pulse really starts racing!
If you're a "trading junky" like me, then today was surely the "fix" you needed.
If you remember from this morning's alert, I mentioned that "The MACD has been steadily rising and may soon break above the "0" line marking the emergence of a "Strong" bullish trend."
And sure enough... in just a few short hours, SLPO surged nearly 70% from yesterday's close-and did so on the largest volume day EVER for the stock!
The stock also blew right through 3 resistance levels... and I think it still could have its sights on a new resistance level at 8 cents!
Remember, after volume and price gains like this, pullbacks are inevitable-and that means opportunity-SLPO could give you many more trading opportunities today and in the days to come!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29 Stocks on Watch

Here are some stocks to watch:

BEDA has been a nice play off .0014 .0015 to .002 .0022 resistance levels. I will be watching this one early this week

EVRN took a dip on Friday but then put out strong news after the close. We could see a test of .0125 .0139 ahead off the news. Support at .007 we must hold imo

MFLI I will be watching at .014 .016 to see if we can hold support and test .02 .025 .028 ranges ahead. Not a bad looking chart imo

PSUN could be a gap filler to the upside to 5.70 ranges. Worth a watch if you ask me. Support at 5.13 below

WNBD is a sleeper here. Not a lot of volume lately but watch the support at .01 .009 areas. Resistance at .0116 .0124 .014 ahead.

All my signatures are purely my opinion. Please use your own buy and sell signals and never invest in a stock you can not afford to lose money on.